Tourist Places

Vriddheshwar Mahadeva Temple

Vriddheshwar Temple,village Vriddheshwar ,Taluka Parthardi The is a temple of Mahadeva in the beautiful deep valley. The place is also famous…

Vishal Ganapati Maliwada
Vishal Ganapati

Shri Vishal Ganapati,Maliwada,Ahmednagar Gram Devta of Ahmednagar,It is 11 feet in height.

Kanifnath Temple Madhi

Taluka Pathardi Samadhi place (grave) of Shri Kanifnatha one of the nine great nath persons.The Samadhi is in beatiful stones.The…

Devgad Temple

Taluka Newasa Around the temple there is park with lots of tree ,there is Pravara river behind the temple. Boating…

Lord Shiva Siddeshwar Temple at Parner
Siddheshwar Temple

Siddeshwar Temple, Siddeshwarwadi, Taluka Parner

Saint Dnyaneshwar
Saint Dnyaneshwar Pais Khamb

AD 1290, in Newasa Dnyaneshwari (Bhavarthdipika) was written. There are 18 chapters in Dnyaneshwar. Saint Dyaneshwar wrote a Dnyaneshwari in…

Mohata Devi Temple
Mohata Devi

At the distance of 9 kms east of Pathardi city being of Virtuous holy Area of Shri. ksetra Mohatdevigad. The…

Siddhatek Mandir

Shri Siddhivinayak Temple, Siddhatek, Tal. Karjat One of Ashtavinayaks Siddhivinayak (Siddhatek) is a temple of Ganapati in Karjat taluka of Ahmednagar…

Shani Temple Shinganapur

The village has no doors. No theft ever occurs here, as the Lord Shani, the guardian deity of the village…

Saibaba Temple

Amongst the places of deep belief and faith in India, falls Shirdi – the place of Saint Sai Baba. The…