District Collector’s communication with students about awareness of voting on 19 March 2019

18/03/2019 - 25/03/2019

The voters are being awakened by the District Electoral system for all eligible voters to claim their voting in Loksabha elections.On Tuesday, on March 19, District Collector and District Election Officer Rahul Dwivedi will interact with the students as a part of it.The ‘Talk With Collector’ will be held at 10 am at New Arts, Commerce and Science College.As a part of the Voting Event (SVEEP), names and names of people working in various fields of art, sports, culture, and society in the city and district will be honored as the voters. They will be given the responsibility to raise awareness about the voting in various levels.

Election Commission of India has declared the election of 37-Ahmadnagar and 38-Shirdi Loksabha constituencies on April 23 and April 29 respectively.In this election, the district election machinery is working to make more voters claim their voting. Through various activities and public awareness the voters are being made aware of their voting rights.Before the election was announced, various activities of the district were implemented through the Voters’ campaign. Now public awareness is being made for every eligible voter to vote for his vote. District Collector and District Electoral Officer, Rahul Dwivedi has taken the lead and highlighted the importance of voting for various factors. As a part of this initiative, the talk was organized at New Arts College.

Collector Shri. Dwivedi will interact with the students at the time and will answer their questions and provide guidance. SVEEP’s Nodal officer Sanjay Kadam along with the entire team of SVEEP will strive for new publicity, including voter awareness.

Talk with Collector about awareness of Voting (Video)