Baleshwar and  Lakshmi  Narayan Temple

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Temple Of  Baleshwar and  Lakshmi  Narayan,Pedgaon , Taluka Shrigonda

The Baleshwar Temple (Pedgaon)
The Baleshwar temple is dedicated to Shiva and consists on plan a garbhagriha, antarala and mahamandapa. The temple faces east and located to the west of Laxminarayana temple. The temple built in 12-13th century AD now survives in the form of an open hall and shrine without shikhara. The pillars of the hall are beautifully carved with ornamental design. The doorjamb is also decorated with floral and geometrical designs. The outer wall of the temple is beautifully carved with the image of gods-goddesses.

The Laxminarayan Temple (Pedgaon)
Pedgaon was an important fortified settelement by 1680 AD under the Mughals. The remains of four temples dated to 11-12th AD are the noticed inside the fortification,viz., Laxminarayana,Baleshwara,Mallikarjuna or Mundeshwara and Bhairavnatha. The temples of Laxminarayana and Baleshwara are located on the left bank of River Bhima.
The Laxminarayana temple is finely proportioned and profusely sculptured temple. On plan it consists of a a garbhagriha, antarala and mahamandapa and mukhamanadapa. The mahamandapa is provided with entrances on west, north, and south directions. The exterior surface of the temple is profusely carved with sculptures of various forms of Shiva, Vishnu and Ashtadigpalas. The pillars are adorned with the “vas and foliage” motif.

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