Nagar Citizen Initiative

GlobalNagari, a small nonprofit group, has a common bond to our roots in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra in India. We, born from discussions on social media platform, share the same urge to do something good and creative for the betterment of our village. We intend to create awareness and take small initiatives in hand to harness these best impulses from our very own and invest these into the people we care about back home. Our Partnership (our local civic engagement) in this is the actual change maker who has the transformative potential. We intend to discuss and implement new and creative ideas that can lead us to uncover ways to address the challenges we want to take.


Location : District Collector Office Ahmednagar | PIN Code : 414001
Phone : 0241-2345001 | Email : collector[dot]ahmednagar[at]maharashtra[dot]gov[dot]in