Lavharasa from the volcano has created the entire geo level of Ahmednagar district and It is known as Deccan Island.The district’s land is generally divided into three parts

  1. River-white land
  2. Black Stone Blocks Mixed Land on the hill slopes
  3. White limestone mixed

As per the information of Graound Water Survey Development Agency,Ahmednagar district is divided into 80% of the catchment area of Godavari, Bhima and Sina rivers. The land in the Pravara Basine is more fertile. A lot of parner talukas are covered with limestone soil.

Pot Holes, Nighoj

Pot Holes at Nighoj in Taluka Parner

Pot Holes, Nighoj, Parner

Pot holes in the rocky river beds are of frequent occurrence. Those above the falls of the Pravara , at village of Rauda in the Akole Subdivision, and at Kund-Mahuli in the Kukadi river a short distance from the village Nighoj in the Parner subdivision, are specially note worthy on account of their number and size.