Information of Ahmednagar District Police Force


·        Organisation :-

Ahmedngar District comes under Nasik Range. There are Seven Sub Divisions and 24 Police Stations. Police Inspectors are Incharge of Taluka & City Police Stations and Assistant Police Inspectors are Incharge of other Police Stations.

Shri Krishna Prakash

S.P., Ahmednagar


·        ·        Present Administrated Strength of Ahmednagar District Police Force :-

1.     Superintendent of Police                    :- 1

2.     Addl. Superintendent of Police          :- 1

3.     Dy. Supdt. of Police                           :- 8

4.     Police Inspector                                 :- 33 (31+2) RPI/Wireless

5.     Assistant Police Inspector                  :- 33

6.     Police Sub Inspector                          :- 84

7.     Assistant Sub Inspector                      :- 256

8.     Police Head Constable                       :- 526

9.     Police Naik                                         :- 557

10.Police Constable                                 :- 1159

11.Assistant Police Prosecutor/Addl. PP :- 28+1

12.Ministerial Staff                                  :- 65

13.Medical Staff                                      :- 04

14.Wireless Staff                                     :- 41

15.Finger Print Expert Staff                     :- 01

16.Class IV Servant                                 :- 37

17. Asst. Photographer                            :- 01

18. Law officer Class-B                          :- 01 on 11 month agreement 

                                                                        up to 25/02/09

19. Law officer                                       :- 05


·        Crime in Ahmednagar district

Ahmednagar district is affected by serious property crime. The dacoities, robberies  are rampant in the district. Due to organized criminal gangs of certain tribes Ahmednagar District Police has started strong drive against them and has nabbed more than  12 gangs, LCB has opened  2 gang history sheet. Crime data of CCIS is computerized cent percent.

          The areas of south Ahmednagar pertaining Pathardi, shrigonda, Karjat and Jamkhed are prawn to dacoities. The gangs from Beed district commit the offences in the border area and tend to escape immediately. These days  Police has sealed all the borders adjoining the districts and has dominated these gangs.

          As one national and four state highways passes through this District, serious accidents are also numerous. The devotees of Shirdi and Shani-shingnapur generally becomes victims of many accidents due to long and continuous drive of Pilgrims.

           Shirdi is one of the international pilgrimage centre where approximately 30-35 thousand people take darshan of the Samadhi of Saibaba per day. During holidays and festivals the crowd reaches to more than a lakh to take darshan.


·        Law and Order in the district:-

          Ahmednagar is politically and communally hypersensitive district Moharram, Ganpati and Durga festival as well as Shivjayanti, Dr.Ambedkar jayanti and such other occasions has potential of communal trouble here.

There were serious communal riots during Moharram in 2002, 2003 and 2004 successively. This year (2005) Moharram and other festivals passed peacefully.

          Shirdi is main pilgrim’s center in the state. Police is taking preventive measures to avoid any stampede and other disturbances with due care.


·        Important Schemes functioning in Ahmednagar district to prevent

     and detect Crimes.


1.  Anti-Dacoity Scheme:

The S.P. of Ahmednagar district Shri. Vishwas Nangre Patil has developed Anti- dacoity scheme to prevent dacoities and robberies on state / National highway. This scheme based on participation of each and every person in the police department . To prevent dacoities and highway robberies checkpoints (Nakas) are established at every important highway cross point. If any incidence happens and information received by police station or control room, immediately that information pass to every police station of the district and division patrolling mobiles as well as check points on the roads coming towards the spot of the incidence.

This scheme functioning in the Ahmednagar district since March 2005 resulted in remarkable decrease in the dacoities and robberies. 


2. Scientific Search System (S.S.S.):

Additional Superintendent of police of Ahmednagar District Shri. B.G. Shekhar has developed the software named Scientific Search System, which includes all the details with photographs and modus operandi of criminals who were arrested in last 10 years in the crime of dacoities and robberies. This software helps to locate the criminals by modus operandi, sub modus operandi, by his first name, middle name, last name, by crime register number and by his location.



·        Welfare activities for Police Officers and men in the district:-

Refresher courses which includes “Pranayam” , “Yoga” have been started at district headquarter in order to improve the physical and mental strength and alertness of police. In every course of 15 days two police officers and 55-60 employees attend the same.

Recently well equipped gymnasium, Tennis court and library  has been started.


       Strength & Hierarchy of Ahmednagar Dist police force




                                                           ADDITIONAL SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE


I)S.D.P.O. City Dvn.     II) S.D.P.O Ngr( R) Dvn.     III) S.D.P.O. Karjat Dvn.     IV)S.D.P.O. Shevgaon Dvn.

   1.Kotwali P.Stn.                1. M.I.D.C. P.Stn.                    1. Shrigonda P.Stn.                1. Shevgaon P.Stn.

   2. Tophkhana P.Stn            2. Nagar Taluka P.Stn.            2. Karjat P.Stn.                       2. Pathardi P.Stn.

   3.Camp P.Stn.                    3. Parner P.Stn.                       3. Jamkhed P.Stn.                   3. Newasa P.Stn.

                                                                                                                                           4. Sonai P.Stn.                  

          V) S.D.P.O. Sangamner Dvn.            VI) S.D.P.O Shrirampur         VII) S.D.P.O. Kopargaon                   

               1.Sangamner City P.Stn.                        1. Shrirampur City P.Stn.            1.Kopargaon P.stn.

               2. Sangamner Taluka P.Stn.                   2. Srirampur Taluka P.Stn.          2. Shirdi P.Stn.

               3. Akole P.Stn.                                      3. Rahuri P.Stn.                           3. Rahata P.Stn.

               4. Rajur P.Stn.                                                                                         4. Loni P.Stn.


               P.I. L.C.B.          P.I. D.S.B.        A.P.I. Reader Branch      Steno to S.P.         Steno to Add. S.p.

                                                                          Office Supreintendent

                                                                                  Correspondence Branch

                                                          Establishment Branch

                                                                               Account Branch

 D.Y.S.P. (HQ)

                        C.R.O.                P.I. Traffic              R.P.I.            P.I. M.T.          P.I. Welfare   


                                              Armourer Shop 

                                               Bel of Arms



                                           Mess and  Canteen   

                                               clothing Store